Cook County Probate Court

Chase Daughtrey

Chase Daughtrey

Probate Judge - Cook County

Mission Statement

It is the mission and policy of the Cook County Probate Judge and Staff to provide a court that is fair, impartial, and responsive to the needs of the citizens.



WHEREAS, On March 14, 2020, the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court, Harold Melton issued an Order Declaring a Judicial Emergency due to COVID-19, until April 13, 2020; 

WHEREAS, In the interest of public health, safety, and welfare, this court will remain open and will conduct all essential functions as listed below. All non-essential matters will be canceled,  rescheduled or conducted by alternative methods for the duration of the judicial emergency; 

WHEREAS, since there are probate court services and functions that need to be amended, suspended, and/or rescheduled to protect the public and court staff from COVID-19, it is hereby ORDERED the following be designated as essential proceedings of the probate court: 

  1. Emergency Guardianships and Conservatorships;
  2. Permanent Guardianships and Conservatorships of Minors and Adults
  3. All legitimate emergency motions and/or petitions;
  4. Medical Consent Guardianships; 
  5. Mental Health Proceedings and Orders to Apprehend
  6. Criminal First Appearance Hearings; 
  7. Probation Bond Hearings; 
  8. Marriage Licenses and Issuance/Processing of Vital Records;
The scheduled arraignment for April 14, 2020, will be moved to June 16, 2020. Your scheduled time to appear in court will remain the same. You also have the option to go online and pay your citation or complete a reduction request by going to
If the request is accepted, a plea offer will be sent to you and you can avoid coming to court.
CDC Covid-19 InformationRequest Plea in Absentia

Pay Traffic Citations

To pay fines and fees. 

Note: You must pay the total balance for all fines and fees owed.  No partial payments accepted.

Marriage License

Marriage license applications are accepted Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

Both applicants must be present at the same time, and must provide an I.D. 


The Probate Court has exclusive jurisdiction over Wills, Estates, and Guardianships.

Court records, which date back to 1875, are retained in the court vault.

Firearms Carry Permit

To apply for a firearms license  you must be 21 years of age or older and be a resident of Cook County.

You must present a photo I.D. and proof of your current Cook County address.

Certificate Requests

To request a copy of birth or death certificates by completing the appropriate form

Plea in Absentia

If you wish to request a reduction on your traffic charge and or dispose of your case in absentia

Court House Address

212 N. Hutchinson Ave.

Adel, Georgia 31620

Phone:(229) 896-3941

Fax: (229) 896-6083